1998 Year in Review

There were few outstanding films in 1998, although there were quite a few good ones that made it a decent year. As always, it is difficult to narrow them down to 10, so I've included my top 20 instead. Films that opened in 1997, but were released in 1998, such as Wag The Dog, The Boxer and The Apostle were considered for last year's list, and not placed on this year's list. I've also listed some of my favourite performances this year in several categories.

1998 Ten Best List

1 Shakespeare In Love
2 Pleasantville
3 The Truman Show
4 The Thin Red Line
5 Out of Sight
6 The Opposite Of Sex
7 Your Friends and Neighbours
8 Saving Private Ryan
9 Gods And Monsters
10 Life Is Beautiful

The Next 10: Honourable Mentions

11 A Simple Plan
12 Babe: Pig In The City
13 The Celebration
14 Happiness
15 6 Days, 7 Nights
16 The Big One
17 Bulworth
18 Affliction
19 Wild Things
20 Antz

The Most Overated Movie I Saw This Year

There's Something About Mary

Outstanding Performance from a Lead Actress

Cate Blanchett Elizabeth
Anne Heche 6 Days, 7 Nights
Laura Linney The Truman Show
Jennifer Lopez Out Of Sight
Natasha Lyonne Slums Of Beverly Hills
Sandra Oh Last Night
Gwyneth Paltrow Shakespeare In Love
Christina Ricci The Opposite Of Sex
Annabella Sciorra What Dreams May Come
Magda Szubanski Babe: Pig In The City
Emily Watson Hilary and Jackie
Oprah Winfrey Beloved

Outstanding Performance from a Lead Actor

Ian McKellan Gods And Monsters
Dylan Baker Happiness
Warren Beatty Bulworth
Roberto Benigni Life Is Beautiful
Jim Carrey The Truman Show
George Clooney Out Of Sight
Joseph Fiennes Shakespeare In Love
Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan
Nick Nolte Affliction
Ulrich Thomsen The Celebration

Outstanding Performance from a Supporting Actress

Joan Allen Pleasantville
Kathy Bates Primary Colors
Sylvia Chang The Red Violin
Judi Dench Shakespeare In Love
Cameron Diaz Very Bad Things
Kirsten Dunst Strike
Catherine Keener Your Friends And Neighbours
Lisa Kudrow The Opposite Of Sex
Thandie Newton Beloved
Lynn Redgrave Gods And Monsters
Sissy Spacek Affliction
Paprika Steen The Celebration
Juliet Stephenson Happiness
Emma Thompson Primary Colors

Outstanding Performance from a Supporting Actor

Alan Arkin Slums Of Beverly Hills
James Coburn Affliction
Jeff Daniels Pleasantville
Leonardo Di Caprio Celebrity
Christopher Ecclestone Elizabeth
Dennis Farina Out Of Sight
Ed Harris The Truman Show
Phillip Seymour Hoffman Happiness
Bill Murray Rushmore
Nick Nolte The Thin Red Line
Jason Patric Your Friends And Neighbours
Sean Penn The Thin Red Line
Oliver Platt Bulworth
Ving Rhames Out Of Sight
Geoffrey Rush Elizabeth / Shakespeare In Love
Tom Sizemore Saving Private Ryan
Billy Bob Thornton A Simple Plan
Tom Wilkinson Shakespeare In Love

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