The Decade in Movies 2000 - 2009

Here are my favourite films from the decade 2000 - 2009.

Title Director Year Country

1 Spirited Away H. Miyazaki 2002 Japan
2 Moulin Rouge B. Luhrmann 2001 Australia
3 Lost In Translation S. Coppola 2003 USA / Japan
4Pan's Labyrinth G. Del Toro 2006 Mexico
5Far From Heaven T. Haynes 2002 USA
6Before Sunset R. Linklater 2004 USA
7Crash P. Haggis 2005 USA
8Spider-Man S. Raimi 2002 USA
9Mulholland Drive D. Lynch 2001 USA
10Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon A. Lee 2000 China

11Kill Bill, Volume 1 Q. Tarantino 2003 USA
12In The Mood For Love K. Wong 2000 China
13Donnie Darko R. Kelly 2001 USA
14An Education L. Scherfig 2009 Great Britain
15No Country For Old Men Coen Brothers 2007 USA
16Up In The Air J. Reitman 2009 USA
17Million Dollar Baby C. Eastwood 2004 USA
18Gosford Park R. Altman 2001 Great Britain
19Vicki Cristina Barcelona W. Allen 2008 Spain / USA
20A Scanner Darkly R. Linklater 2006 USA

Honourable Mentions:

Memento, Traffic, Bowling For Columbine, Spider-Man 2, Russian Ark, Sideways
A History of Violence, Downfall, Sweeney Todd, Frost/Nixon, The Hurt Locker, Star Trek, Up!