My 10 Favourite Episodes of The Simpsons.
OK, 25 Favourite.

Here is a list of some of my favourite Simpsons episodes. These are not necessarily the best, or most classic ones, just my favourites. So classics like Flaming Moes, Marge vs. the Monorail and Mr. Plow are excellent episodes that regularly appear on Best Simpsons Episodes lists, but are not on this list.


30 Minutes Over Tokyo
The Simpsons travel to Japan, but soon run out of money after participating in sumo wrestling, going to jail and buying very expensive food. They enter a crazy Japanese game show to win a trip back home.
Season 10
2 Sideshow Bob Roberts
Sideshow Bob is pardoned out of prison, runs for mayor with the Republican party, and wins in a landslide. Bart and Lisa discover the election was rigged and work to bring Bob to justice.
Season 6
3 Homer The Heretic
Homer decides he doesn't have to go to church on Sunday morning to be a good Christian. He evens sees God in a dream. He accidently sets his house and fire and is saved by Ned Flanders.
Season 4
4 $pringfield
Legalized gambling comes to Springfield at Mr. Burns casino and Marge discovers she has a gambling problem. Bart opens his own casino in the treehouse, featuring the vocal stylings of Robert Goulet.
Season 5
5 The PTA Disbands
Principal Skinner refuses to give Springfield Elementary teachers a raise, so they go on strike. Bart doesn't like that Marge has become his substitute teacher, so he locks Skinner and Edna Krabappel in a room to fight out a settlement.
Season 6
6 There's No Disgrace Like Home
The Simpsons are having family problems, so they go to Dr. Marvin Monroe, who guarantees success. They experience shock therapy, and earn the money for a new TV when Dr. Monroe cannot solve their problems.
Season 1
7 Itchy And Scratchy Land
The Simpsons travel to Itchy And Scratchy Land located on a remote island, but soon the robots there turn violent and take over the island.
Season 6
8 Black Widower
Selma's pen pal is none other than Sideshow Bob. Upon his release, he woos and marries Selma, over the objections and mistrust of Bart. Bart foils Bob's plan to try and kill her by gas explosion in her hotel room.
Season 3
9 Last Exit To Springfield
Mr. Burns tries to remove the dental plan from the union contract at the Nuclear Power Plant. Homer becomes union leader and eventually negotiates the dental plan back into the contract.
Season 4
10 Brother From Another Series
Sideshow Bob's brother Cecil sponsors his release, and puts him to work helping build the Springfield dam. Cecil steals millions from the project and tries to frame Bob for it. Bob, Lisa and Bart join forces to thwart Cecil.
Season 8
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11 Lisa On Ice
Bart is dad's favourite because of his prowess in hockey. When Lisa is failing gym and has to play a sport to pass the course, she becomes a hockey goalie, and leads her team to the finals, where she and Bart face off for their parent's love. Well, at least Homer's.
Season 6
12 The Cartridge Family
Springfield citizens riot after a boring soccer game, so Homer decides to get a gun. He falls in love with his gun and refuses to get rid of it, even after he promises Marge he will. She leaves with the kids, and even the local NRA gun lovers boot him out of their chapter over his reckless use of his firearm.
Season 9
13 Bart The Lover
Mrs. Krabappel is lonely for a man, any man, so Bart sends her a love letter from a mysterious suitor. After arranging to set her up on a date, he stands her up. But Bart feels sorry for her as she cries into the burnt out candle at the table she sat waiting for her date to arrive.
Season 3
14 Homer's Phobia
Homer enjoys the company of a flamboyant guy named John, until he is informed John is gay. Homer worries Bart is turning gay as the rest of the family hangs around John, so Homer and some of the barflies take Bart on a manly hunting trip.
Season 8
15 Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
Homer steals cable TV. Lisa learns about the 8th commandment, Thou Shalt Not Steal, and tries to guilt Homer into removing it the night Homer invited all of his friends for the big title fight.
Season 2
16 Last Tap Dance In Springfield
Lisa sees a Latin dance movie and wants to learn how to dance. Former cute child tap dance star Little Miss Vicki is her pushy instructor. When Lisa proves to be not very good, Miss Vicki takes her place in the recital, but special mechanical dance shoes makes Lisa the star of the show.
Season 11
17 Streetcar Named Marge
Marge is selected to play Blanche Dubois in a musical version of Streetcar named Desire, with Ned Flanders her muscular Stanley.
Season 4
18 The Last Temptation Of Homer
The Nuclear hires their first female engineer, Mindy, and Homer is smitten, especially since she loves beer and donuts. Homer faces a moment of truth when they both go to a nuclear convention, and are crowned king and queen of the event.
Season 5
19 Who Shot Mr. Burns, Part 1
Mr. Burns hords the energy from his nuclear plant, slant drills oil from a well meant for the Elementary school, fires Smithers, and generally pisses off everyone in town, leading to his mysterious shooting.
Season 6
20 Cape Feare
Sideshow Bob gets out of jail by sweet talking the parole board, and proceeds to stalk Bart. The family leaves town in witness protection to live on a boat in beautiful Cape Feare, but Bob arrives with them.
Season 5
21 Stark Raving Dad
Homer is placed in a mental institution after he flunks a sanity test after he has Bart write it for him. While there, he meets a large white guy who thinks he's Michael Jackson. Lisa, it's your birthday. Happy birthday, Lisa!
Season 3
22 Bart Sells His Soul
Bart inserts In A Gadda Da Vida into the organists music, and has to clean the organ pipes as punishment. He sells his soul to Milhouse, but when he thinks he really lost his soul, he tries to get it back.
Season 7
23 Treehouse of Horror VII
We meet Hugo, Bart's deformed twin, Lisa's science experiment which generates a new civilization in a tub, and Clinton and Dole replaced by Kang and Kodos, taking over the world.
Season 8
24 Two Bad Neighbours
Former president Bush (the better one) moves across the street from Homer, and Bart comes over to annoy him. When Bush spanks Bart for messing up his memoirs, Homer and George start feuding and brawling.
Season 7
25 Lisa's Rival
Lisa finds she has new competition when a very bright student, Alison, arrives in town, and stoops to sabotaging her diorama in the elementary school competition which Ralph Wiggins wins, before bending his Wookie.
Season 6
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